About Us

Dr. Lincoln Kim, Former Chief Executive Officer, ICE Ventures

Dr. Lincoln Kim is the CEO of ICE Ventures, where he leads a diversified commercial portfolio of industrial, healthcare, and security technologies. He is an experienced professional with a unique skillset in science, business, and government, and is most recognized for creating global large-scale public-private partnerships such as the Ontario-Japan Stem Cell Partnership with 2012 Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Shinya Yamanka, valued at $250M+.

Prior to joining ICE, he developed international commercialization strategies for emerging markets and worked on trade policies with the Ontario government, including the Canadian free trade zone. He was also a strong champion and Manager for startup ventures at MaRS Venture group attracting over $20M in seed funding for a digital health company from an international investor. He holds a doctoral degree in Neuroscience from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine.

Dr. Roman Maev, President, ICE Ventures

Dr. Roman Gr. Maev is the founding Director-General of The Institute for Diagnostic Imaging Research – a multi-disciplinary, collaborative research and innovation consortium established with the goal of building a leading S&T centre in imaging research in Southwest Ontario. The Institute was formed in 2008 by the Ontario Government’s Ministry of Research and Innovation, which provided an initial research investment.

Dr. Maev received his M.Sc. degree in Theoretical Nuclear Physics from the Moscow Physical Engineering Institute (MIPI) in 1969, followed by a Ph.D. on the Theory of Semiconductors in 1973 from the Physical P.N. Lebedev Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences. In 2001 he received a D.Sc. Degree from the Russian Academy of Sciences, and in 2005 he received a Full Professor diploma in Physics from the Government of the Russian Federation. He has published 13 books, over 320 articles, holds 27 patents and is a Fellow of the IEEE, British Institute of NDT and ASNT.

From 1989 until 1994, Dr. Maev was one of the leaders in the Russian Government’s Technology Transfer Program, where he and his team of experts successfully commercialized and licensed technology projects valued at approximately $200M, primarily with Europe.

Since 1997, Dr. Maev is a member of the Canada-Russia Intergovernmental Economical Commission, where he is the Head of the Subcommittee responsible for International Technology Transfer. In 2008 Dr. Roman Maev was appointed by both Canadian and RF Governments as Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in Canada (Windsor, Ontario).

In 1994, Dr. Maev was appointed Full Faculty Professor in the Department of Physics at the University of Windsor, and in 2002 became the Chair of the DaimlerChrysler Industrial Research Program. Since beginning his academic research in Canada, Dr. Maev has received over $30M in support from various industrial partners and government agencies.

Dr. Maev is also a co-founders of the Ontario-based technology company, Tessonics Inc., which was established as a start-up in 2003, and was awarded the Premiere’s Catalyst Award for the Best Innovation in 2007. By 2015, Tessonics Inc. had annual sales of over $16M in the automotive, aviation and construction sectors and established branches in 12 countries worldwide.

Joe Udzbinac, Chief Financial Officer, ICE Ventures

Joe Udzbinac is an accomplished executive with over 15 years of executive management experience and currently holds the position of Chief Financial Officer at ICE Ventures.

After a successful career as vice-president within the Canadian financial services industry, Joe became the Chief Operating Officer and CFO for the Tessonics Corporation with its head office in Windsor, Ontario. His responsibilities include oversight of accounting, investing, banking, insurance, securities, and related financial activities in order to support Tessonics’ timely research, development, manufacture, and worldwide sale and distribution of advanced ultrasound devices and technologies for industrial, medical, and other applications. He also ensures that production targets are achieved to meet domestic and international sales volumes. Along with the legal team, Joe is responsible for final terms of domestic and international sales and distribution agreements and technology licensing agreements. In addition to receiving his Master of Business Administration Degree from the University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Joe has completed a large number of advanced finance, business management, securities, insurance, accounting, and sales professional training programs.

Anna Maeva, Manager, Special Projects

Anna Maeva received her Master of Science degree from the University of Toronto, specializing in medical biophysics. She is a firm believer that there exists a solution for any problem.

Ms. Maeva has accumulated over 12 years of experience working in medical environments alongside clinicians to create new technologies that improve patient care. She focuses primarily on advanced ultrasonic diagnostic technologies. She has also worked with start-ups and developed growth strategies for their operations in Toronto and beyond, under the umbrella of MaRS.

Currently located in London, UK, Ms. Maeva is conducting research at University College London together with the specialists at the world-renowned Harley Clinic. Her work is in the area of connective tissue and collagen regeneration. In addition to her core focus, her responsibilities include overseeing collaborations between various academic institutions, helping to source funding and seek valuable partners for the future growth of start-ups, as well as strategic partnership development between those start-ups and potential partners.

Egor Sanin, Technology Manager

Egor Sanin completed his B.A.Sc. and M.A.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto, specializing in Biomedical Engineering. Since then, he has held a variety of roles, including co-founder of a healthcare startup and Head of Business Development at an international consultancy firm.

Mr. Sanin has an exceptional ability to build strong, long-term business and research relationships. He is an expert in the management of efficient and productive communication within complex global stakeholder networks.

ICE Ventures has launched ICE Ventures Korea Inc. and is currently expanding operations to China and the U.K.